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Tendahealth offers investment, health and insurance solutions to protect and enhance your health and financial wellness

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Our service model
Our service model
  • We undertake to render the financial service to the client with due care, skill and diligence.
  • We undertake to keep all information confidential unless required to disclose such information in order to effectively render the service required by the client.
  • We undertake to submit applications timeously and to manage the administrative process in a professional manner.
  • After a contract or policy has been issued, the client will receive confirmation of the terms and conditions of the contract directly from the product supplier, within a couple of weeks. The client should contact us if such contract is not approved or received within three weeks after submission of the policy application.
  • Failure to provide correct and full material information may influence an insurer in respect of any claim arising under your contract of insurance.
Our Commitment to you
  • Professional, competent and independent advice.
  • Honesty and integrity.
  • Dedicated, ongoing support and service.
  • We have access to all major medical schemes.
  • We commit ourselves to understand the industry and continuously gain knowledge about legislation and products and services of other medical schemes.
  • Freedom of choice and benefit of accurate independent advice after comparison of various schemes and their options for you. Ongoing review and relationship with clients.
  • To be the preferred financial services provider for all insurance product suppliers
  • Ensure Due Diligence
  • A single point of entry for multiple solutions
  • To provide professional and qualified insurance adviser
Keys to success and Attributes
  • Call centre with voice logging facilities and infrastructure with experience in administration.
  • Ability to sell via call centre only, via email, one-on-one and a combination.
  • Excellent relationships with third parties to offer the client a wide variety of options and sound advice with access to dedicated lead distribution.
  • Commission payment system according to the relevant regulatory requirements which includes monthly commission payments, commission statements and tax deductions.
  • Continuous training of Representatives in all relevant products, sales processes, legislation and Compliance.
  • Practice management to ensure that Tendahealth has the correct compliance requirements with regards to advice, supervision record keeping and tracking of enquiries and applications and the necessary policies as prescribed by Legislation.