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About us
Tendahealth, a member of the AfroCentric Group, is committed to providing services in the clients’ best interest at all times.

Tendahealth is accredited as a brokerage at the Council of Medical Schemes (CMS number: 4268) to market medical scheme products,and licensed with the Financial Services Conduct Authority (FSCA) to comply with FAIS and FICA legal Requirements (FSP 44680).

Tendahealth, build and maintain business relationships with clients; discuss and assess their current and future needs; offer benefits and pitfalls of the wide range of products available on the market and predict, manage and reduce risks,

Established in June 2016, Tendahealth’s national footprint focus is on offering advice and intermediary services for medical schemes and related products, including a wide selection of basic and comprehensive medical scheme options suitable for the corporate and individual market.

Tendahealth is an innovative consultancy steered by experienced industry experts and prides itself in offering complete insurance solutions that leaves its clients with the assurance that their well-being is cared for by the best.

Our Commitment
  • Tendahealth specialises in medical scheme and related products and offers a wide selection of basic and comprehensive options suitable for the corporate and individual market.
  • In keeping with providing complete care and simplifying insurance for clients, Tendahealth also caters for short-term insurance needs.
  • Highly skilled consultants provide sound and objective advice and guidance enabling informed customer choices whether it be in person, online or through Tendahealth’s skilled call centre consultants.
  • At Tendahealth we believe in lasting partnerships and real value – our insurance and medical scheme partners are kept informed of our clients’ feedback about their products and reap the benefits of measurable outcomes.
  • We commit ourselves to understanding the industry, keeping abreast of change and continuously gaining new insight about legislation, products and services involving the insurance and medical schemes industry and sharing our knowledge with our clients and partners.
  • A sound approach to business

    Tendahealth operates in a highly regulated environment and is fully compliant in terms of Financial Advisory and Intermediary Services regulations. In the interest of our clients we hold professional indemnity cover and have a complaints resolution system in place. Our innovative business model allows us to provide personal care when engaging with clients either through our call centre, online, personal appointments or presentations at corporate forums or meetings.

    Licence categories

    Tendahealth is registered for advice and intermediary services and holds category 1 licences at the Financial Services Board with Key Individuals for each category for the following:

    Long-term Insurance

    Categories A (1)
    Categories B1 (3)
    Categories B2 (20)
    Categories C (4)

    Short-term Insurance

    Personal Lines (2)
    Commercial Lines (6)

    Participatory intrests in the collective investments Schemes (14)

    Retail Pension Benefits (5)

    Pension Funds Benefits [excluding retail] (7)

    Health Services Benefits (16)

    Our credentials

    Registration number: 2012/105834/07
    Vat Nr: 4200261651
    Compliance officer: Mathilda Meyer
    Masthead: 0124243400

    Product solutions

    Our vast industry knowledge and inquisitive approach ensure that we find and present our clients with relevant advice and sound insurance and health solutions. We pride ourselves in building enduring individual and corporate relationships through our personal approach and ongoing support.

    Tendahealth has broker agreements in place with the top medical schemes and insurers in South Africa, enabling us to provide an unbiased comparison of best products to consider based on a thorough needs and budget analysis. Our accredited advisers are skilled in the following product lines:

  • Medical scheme cover
  • Short-term insurance
  • Long-term insurance
  • Investments
  • Compliance

    Personal indemnity cover

    We hold professional indemnity cover, but due to the fact that the business does not collect premiums from clients, we consider it unnecessary to hold fidelity insurance cover.

    Conflict of interest policy
    We place a high priority on our clients interest. In the event of any conflict of interest, we have a Conflict of Interest Policy to address any possible conflicts that may arise. Where we cannot avoid conflict, measures will be in place to mitigate such conflicts.

    Complaints resolution policy
    Lodging a complaint: We have a complaints resolution system available that you can obtain on request via email at enquiries@tendaonline.co.za. If you have any queries or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact us.
    Our compliance officer is Mathilda Meyer and can be contacted via telephone on 012 424 3400 or e-mail mmeyer@masthead.co.za. If we cannot settle your complaint with us, you are entitled to refer it to either the FAIS or Short-Term Ombud.

    The FAIS Ombud
    PO Box 74571, Lynnwood Ridge, 0040
    Tel: 012-470 9080 Fax: 012-348 3447
    Email: info@faisombud.co.za Website: www.faisombud.co.za

    The Ombud for Short-Term Insurance
    Tel: 011-726 8900 Fax: 011-726 5501
    PO Box 32334, Braamfontein, 2017
    Email: info@osti.co.za Website: https:/osti.co.za

    Our consultants

    For corporate groups and unions our strategist and corporate engagement consultants will provide objective and independent advice as well as industry insight through presentations and consultancy services, whilst at the same time ensuring individual employees have access to personal assistance. Tendahealth is committed to fostering long-term relationships and therefore we provide support and advice after enrolment with queries and questions relating to the clients’ health and insurance portfolio. Annual medical scheme industry updates, reports, product changes and performance form part of our corporate offering. The medical schemes and insurance products Tendahealth supports allow us to provide corporate solutions ranging from primary, income-based options to hospital plans, savings solutions and comprehensively insured products, as well as loyalty and gap cover products.